Alter existing routes

In Drupal 7 we could register paths using hook_menu and alter those paths using hook_menu_alter but in Drupal 8 paths are registered via routing.yml files. To alter existing routes in Drupal 8 we need to create a service that extends RouteSubscriberBase. Below is how to do it with examples of how to disable the user registration page and user password reset page.

Add extra large breakpoint in Drupal Boostrap Theme (SASS starterkit)

For a site I needed another breakpoint for screens larger than 1200px. I went about overriding the Drupal Bootstrap theme to add an extra large ('XL') breakpoint with the width of 1500px. This was for the SASS starter kit.

To do this I needed to override the following files by adding the extra breakpoints and changing import paths to point to the overriding files:

Creating a service

I created a custom page using a controller within a module, but my controller class has too much code in it. I want to take some code out and have a service handle this functionality. I will then have the controller use that service. The result will be a thin controller and more organised code.